Outwardly, my pursuits evolve around education. 
Inwardly, eternal happiness. 

Latest Courses

Most of my professional work lately has involved JavaScript and helping folks in the WordPress Community understand the language more deeply.

Introduction to
JavaScript Basics [FREE]

Learn Vanilla
JavaScript Deeply

WordPress Block
Development w React

Courses Around the Web

I have had the pleasure and privilege of teaching courses at a number of the leading online educations sites.  Please check out some of the courses below.

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WordPress Development

Frontend Masters
JavaScript for WordPress

WordPress Development

Upcoming React Book

React Explained Book from Zac Gordon and OSTraining

It has been really cool to work on my first (non-textbook) book, “React Explained,” in collaboration with OSTraining.

It is a deep dive into how React works under the hood and how to use to for building modern JavaScript sites, applications and more.

You can follow along with my daily writing progress and updates.

Web Hosting for Students

$25 / year

Weekly Free Office Yoga

Take a break from work to Stretch, Breath and Meditate

Free Live Stream Wednesdays at 12pm EDT.

Yoga & Beyond 

My mom turned me on to Yoga in my teenage years.  So grateful am I.  Learning, teaching, practicing..  It has uncovered and brought a lot over the years.  However, I have been deeply inclined to spirit in it’s many forms and paths for as long as I can remember.


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Deeply. is a brand I started to offer fresh gear with a deep message.